Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011, Day 008 - Top ten of 2010

Two thousand and ten was a great year, photographically speaking. The 365 challenge helped me to hone my skills and identify my weaknesses. Below are the highlights of the year.

Furthering the spirit of the Pacific Northwest by getting outside whenever the clouds broke enough to let a few rays of sunlight through.

Exploring the garden with a macro lens.

Spending time with friends at Oregon's state parks.

Braving freezing temperatures in the Columbia River Gorge.

Running further afield into Washington State in pursuit of photographic bargains.

Lurking under Portland's bridges to get interesting night time shots.

Recruiting soldiers on the beaches Koh Lanta in Thailand.

Exploring the remains of Thailand's former seats of power.

Being blessed by monks.

Watching the joy of others.


  1. These are awesome. Nice selection Jeff.

  2. These are all so soo sooo stunning. Gorgeous!- Stacey

  3. Love the Oregon State Parks shot that is really cool!

  4. Magnificent! Can I get a print of the one taken under the bridge, when ever I get an office I would love to have that on the wall.