Friday, October 31, 2014

2014, Day 304 - Tongue

When you strip away the color often details become more apparent.  Color can be a distraction from texture which is why gritty scenes often look best in a muted palette but the same holds true for flowers.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f5.6, 1/200 sec @ 250 ISO

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014, Day 303 - Arranged

Flowers, the perfect subject matter for infrared photography :)

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/200 sec @ 320 ISO

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014, Day 302 - Arcing

Through an infrared filter leaves look bright and white so when I looked at this picture I saw snow-covered trees.  That isn't at all what we're looking at as there was only the start of color on most of these trees but it has that effect which is, I think, rather magical.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
10mm, f5, 1/125 sec @ 400 ISO

2914, Day 301 - Threading

Walking through the wood, the patter of rain drops on the leaves, the earthy sweet smell of the damp earth and the fallen leaves, the slight bite of the weather on your cheeks; this is fall in Oregon.  Things slow down a bit with reasonable caution as the ground gets a little bit slippery and, with that relaxed pace, we take in the change of seasons.  While the aspens have lost their leaves weeks ago the maples are climbing to their foliage, unwilling to admit defeat.  I like their defiance but am ready for a bit more color so until then I am focusing on black and white.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
20mm, f5.6, 1/125 sec @ 1000 ISO

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014, Day 300 - Downy

I never tire of the abundance of ferns in the Pacific Northwest.  They're such simple and elegant plants, they grow so prolifically, and they lend everything an increased lushness that is soft and inviting.  I think that, in many ways, I'm a woodland creature at heart.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
20.9mm, f5.6, 1/125 sec @ 3200 ISO

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014, Day 299 - Tower of light

I've had friends visiting this weekend and the forecast led us to believe that it would be nice this morning with rain this afternoon.  Given that information we headed out to the Columbia River Gorge to spend a little quality time outdoors.  Unfortunately the reality was the opposite of the forecast but it was still nice to get out into nature.  This is the bridge near Latourelle Falls and with the infrared conversion the trees are so bright and light and beautiful.  I'm still learning to anticipate how landscapes will look in this spectrum but not knowing has led to some exciting results!

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
10mm, f5.6, 1/125 sec @ 400 ISO

Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014, Day 298 - Vanishing

The past few days we've been pummeled by heavy rains and high winds.  Leaves are being ripped off the trees and the power has flickered more than a few times.  I've had that nagging feeling that warm weather was going to return but it now looks like I can truly accept that fall is here.  The only thing that bothers me is that with the winds we may lose a lot of the leaves before they show much color.

Fuji X-Pro1, Fujinon 14/f2.8R
14mm, f4, 1/400 sec @ 400 ISO

2014, Day 297 - Diverge

Look up, sometimes you see something you've need thousands of times before in a new light.  I took think picture while wandering through NW Portland and loved the strong lines and geometric regularity.

Fuji X-Pro1, Fujinon 14/f2.8R
14mm, f4, 1/500 sec @ 200 ISO

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014, Day 296 - Bowing

I don't remember a lot of notable sunrises from my youth but sometimes life surprises you.  The last time I visited my family in California during the summer I had multiple mornings with beautiful colorful sunrises.  Lots of wispy clouds and fields of sunflowers.  This field was just about ready for harvesting and the weight of the seeds had the heads heavy with their bounty.

Fuji X-Pro1, Fujinon 14/f2.8R
14mm, f4, 1/150 sec @ 200 ISO

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014, Day 295 - Hunker down

After a long beautiful and mild start to fall we had our first day of heavy rain today.  It that rain that comes down so hard that you can hear it on the roof and is almost deafening when you're in the car.  Not our typical Pacific NW rain that is light but constant for days, this was a deluge complete with localized flooding.  With all this wet weather it was a good day to make a bowl of soup and watch some movies.

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 100/f2.8L IS
100mm, f4, 1/500 sec @ 640 ISO

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014, Day 294 - Friendship

It is almost time for more adventures.  In less than two weeks I'm off to Thailand and from there on to Sri Lanka.  This year has been great professionally but not as wonderful photographically.  I've been so busy as have most of my favorite photo buddies that none of us has really had a lot of time to get out and shoot.  Fortunately that's all about to change and I can't wait!

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
10mm, f11, 1.7 sec @ 400 ISO

Monday, October 20, 2014

2014, Day 293 - Button

Even though the fall color is in its infancy some trees have already dropped their leaves.  The aspens are already bare and there are fringes of color to the maples.  The dahlias are starting to look shabby and there are only a few showing signs of their former glory.  At least the trees have their color display left to go before we get to the stark beauty of winter.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f3.2, 1/180 sec @ 200 ISO

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014, Day 292 - Jealous

The green-eyed monster is here.  My sister is staying with me and her dog Charlie is joining the pack.  He has met my dogs before but on his turf and now that he's here and outnumbered things are a little different.  All the dogs have been pretty well-behaved but Hubert is a bit jealous.  Fortunately it is no worse with Charlie, my sister's dog, than with the other dogs, Hubert merely pushes his way in when he wants attention.  In a few more days Charlie will be one of the boys for sure :)

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 35/f1.4R
35mm, f1.4, 1/125 sec @ 640 ISO

Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014, Day 291 - Radiate

The leaves aren't long for our landscape.  Soon the air will hold a crisp chill and each step will be accompanied by the delicate crunch of fallen leaves.  As they slowly decompose their rich sweet scent will permeate the air every time it rains and their nutrients will gradually return to the earth.  It is an amazing cycle.

Fuji X-E2, Fuji 35/f1.4R
35mm, f2, 1/200 sec @ 400 ISO

Friday, October 17, 2014

2014, Day 290 - Zig zag

By the time you come to this vantage point you've already ascended about twenty percent of the tower.  It is a long climb up some occasionally wobbly stairs to get to the top but the view of the surrounding valley is quite nice but the best part is the breeze because you're sure to be sweaty by the time you get to the rim of the tower.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
10mm, f5.6, 1/340 sec @ 200 ISO

Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014, Day 289 - King crab

My buddy Jay pointed out this cactus when we went to the nursery today because he liked the single flower.  What I liked was the texture, it looks like the spiny legs of king crab but I suspect the flavor is quite different.

Today, for my final image, I challenge Francene Grewe; five days, five black and white photos, and issue to challenge to a new person on each of the five days.

Fuji X-E2, Juninon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f5.6, 1/200 sec @ 400 ISO

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014, Day 288 - Knotted

Day four, almost done with the challenge.  Another picture of my arachnid friend.  She's not so happy right now what with the strong winds, rain, and cold weather.  All summer she has been protecting her territory and now her claim is almost useless because there is little to eat and her webs keep getting torn apart.  Life will soon get hard for her and I can't help but feel a little sorry for the challenges she will face.

Today I challenge Terri Jacobson; five days, five black and white photos, and issue to challenge to a new person on each of the five days.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/125 sec @ 1000 ISO

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014, Day 287 - Bright spot

Day three of five for the five day black and white challenge.  The dahlias are fading fast but there are still plenty to be found if you know where to look.

Today I challenge Julie Ward; five days, five black and white photos, and issue to challenge to a new person on each of the five days.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 35/f1.4R
35mm, f3.2, 1/125 sec @ 320 ISO

Monday, October 13, 2014

2014, Day 286 - Down

Day two of the five day black and white challenge and I decided to turn lemons, my car was in the shop, into lemonade, I walked back from the shop with my camera.  On the way I found that many of the ferns are still doing well and they made an ideal subject.

Today I challenge Nicole Young; five days, five black and white photos, and issue to challenge to a new person on each of the five days.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/200 sec @ 400 ISO

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014, Day 285 - New project, old friend

I was relaxing this afternoon when I got an alert on my phone.  Apparently there is a new challenge circulating and I was nominated by my friend Chris Germano to take part.  It is a five day challenge and each day you have to post a new black and white image.  Seeing as I have my new infrared converted camera I decided it would be the perfect tool and went out into the yard to find my spider friends.  This lovely lady was very accommodating and might be an additional theme for this project.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f2.8, 1/200 sec @ 1250 ISO

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014, Day 284 - Sprinkles

The rain is back and that makes me happy.  Now if only we could get some cooler weather...

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f2.4, 1/150 sec @ 200 ISO

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014, Day 283 - He's so dreamy

It is hard to believe that Frankie has been my little buddy for the last two and a half years.  At a couple weeks shy of his first birthday he was very much a puppy and that goofy personality hasn't left.  But, best of all, he loves the camera.  Frankie is very patient and allows me to find the best able with minimal movement.  The only problem I have is that Hubert gets curious and often gets in the way trying to see what's going on because he hates to be left out.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/125 sec @ 1600 ISO

Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014, Day 282 - Leaves of light

I have a new old toy.  Last week I sent one of my cameras to Lifepixel to be converted to photograph the infrared spectrum.  It does interesting and crazy things to leaves, skies, clouds, and is generally interesting for landscape photography.  Everything comes out in weird colors but in black and white it is very beautiful and although the effect could be replicated in Photoshop is never looks quite as good.

Fuji X-E2, Fujinon 23/f1.4R
23mm, f4, 1/125 sec @ 200 ISO

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014, Day 281 - Crystal

Soon dewey grass will be a thing of the past, it will just be wet and probably covered in fallen leaves.  The warm summer mornings are pretty much gone and the crisp night air still clings to the ground when I walk my dogs first thing in the morning.  Soon I will have to start wearing real shoes and then I'll know that summer is over.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/125 sec @ 250 ISO

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014, Day 280 - Carpet

As the nights get colder the plants are flowering one last time with all the energy that remains.  Soon they will be dormant and the blossoms that once carpeted the landscape will be replaced with the crunch of brittle leaves.  The sweet scent of the leaves coupled with the crisp air and a hint of woodsmoke are how I know autumn has arrived.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/150 sec @ 200 ISO

Monday, October 6, 2014

2014, Day 279 - Washed

It is amazing to me that wrecks like the Peter Iredale are allowed to remain and that they're not vandalized.  It is rather exciting to see a piece of history in front of you, to be able to touch it.  Plus there were no lives lost when this ship wrecked so it has a happy ending despite being an unfortunate incident.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
10mm, f8, 3.2 sec @ 400 ISO

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014, Day 278 - Points

Sometimes a low contrast will take the edge off a prickly subject.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/160 sec @ 640 ISO

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014, Day 277 - Slurp

The bees are getting ready for a long winter and the cold nights rob them of time to be productive.  Still, they're out there making sure that nothing is wasted and given that many of the plants are flowering one last time before the onset of truly cold weather they have variety if not quantity.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/2.4R
60mm, f5.6, 1/1800 sec @ 640 ISO

Friday, October 3, 2014

2014, Day 276 - Alert

Oh Stubbs, you are getting increasing quirky which is really saying something because you were a bit of an odd duck when I brought you home.  At first you were afraid of everyone and everything but after a couple weeks I found the nest you made in my bed and a few months later and you were part of the family.  Still overwhelmed by new people and totally camera-shy you were my diamond that no one would ever be able to appreciate.  Eight years later you are the oldest dog in the house and the perpetual puppy; every morning while I make your breakfast you play with your toys until I am ready to serve and the other dogs think you're a bit crazy but that's okay, neither of us really cares.  It will be your birthday again soon and I feel very fortunate to have had your company for the last eight years.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 35/f1.4R
35mm, f1.4, 1/125 sec @ 500 ISO

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014, Day 275 - Square hole

Below the reactor in one of the basements we found this side chamber.  Because it had water on the ground we decided it would be another good location to set fire to a fireproof room.  The wet concrete provided additional reflections that makes for a more interesting final image.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 10-24/f4R OIS
16.6mm, f5.6, 1 sec @ 800 ISO

2014, Day 274 - Flying Double A

This is the old Gibble Barn out in Canby.  A few weeks ago when we were taunted with the prospect of seeing the northern lights this far south I went out with my friend Julie to try to capture the event.  Unfortunately the aurora was not visible but we did have fun playing with our long exposures.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 14/f2.8R
14mm, f2.8, 28 sec @ 400 ISO