Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011, Day 266 - Crane

It was another one of those days where you work really hard to stay in the same place.  The first frustration was Facebook.  There have be a lot of changes and people don't like change, for my part I don't mind the cosmetic changes, the updates to the user interface or the introduction of new features at the expense of the old familiar ones.  What I take issue with is the constant and repeated attempts to invade my privacy in the name of profit.  Facebook keeps changing how you can restrict access to your personal information; not the stuff that strangers see when they look you up but the information that Facebook collects when you use their service to sell to third parties.  It seems that there is some new loophole that they have opened for you to surrender your privacy and the only way to close it is to dig through menu after menu and opt out.  This doesn't happen once or twice a year but almost constantly.  This morning's privacy warnings were the last straw for me, I am deactivating my Facebook account because I can't trust them not to sell my personal information, I cannot stand their passive consent practices.

That was the big issue and the one that still bothers me, everything else has been addressed, taken care of or fixed in some way.  Yes, it is work to keep things moving along on the same trajectory but that is the best you can expect some days.  With all that craziness and my ranting diversions I didn't make a much-needed trip to the grocery store at a decent hour so after I walked the dogs this evening I went and on the way home I took an hour-long detour along the Willamette to take a few pictures.  This is a view of the Markham Bridge that moves traffic on Interstate 5 from the west side to the east side with the city and the west hills in the background.

These mild comfortable evenings are a perfect reminder why I love Portland and that helps to make the insanity of the day a distant memory.

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 16-35/f2.8L Mark II
21mm, f8, 159 sec @ 200 ISO

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