Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Seven in Zhuhai - The Departure

This morning marked our final day in Zhuhai. Nancy has been a phenomenal host and we had even more Chinese New Year celebrations planned. Today we had a bit of a lie in and didn't get started until we left for lunch.

Before going to the hotel, again, for New Year's lunch we went to Nancy's mother's apartment to meet up with everyone. Nancy had two sisters and a brother who came with their children. Polly was especially fun as she is larger than life and has a personality that Laura and I could identify with. We chatted for a while, almost all of Nancy's family can speak English, and then departed for the hotel.

Amy on the left and Gordon's daughter on the right (I didn't catch her name).

Left to right: Laura, Amy, Gordon's daughter, and Polly.

Grandma on the left and David on the right.

Polly enjoying herself with on of Nancy's brothers-in-law.

Lunch was much the same as last night's dinner but the company was great. We were seated at the kid's table although some of the "kids" were very near my age and, to round out the table, Grandma and Uncle Gordon sat with us. Both were great sports and we had a lot of laughs and played a few games between courses.

Jeffrey and Cindy playing a game.

Nancy's family, Uncle Gordon is sitting to the left of Grandma in the brown jacket.

After lunch we did a little shopping in a knock-off market. There were lots of really bad fakes but Laura did locate a ghetto-fabulous Louis Vuitton handbag. Thanks to Nancy's haggling skills Laura was able to get almost half off making a cheap bag even cheaper! To top it off there was a great guy singing out in front of the market, he was a little bit intense.

Having completed our shopping on the mainland, we returned home to finish packing our bags in preparation for the ferry back to Hong Kong. Once packed we had a snack at, Nancy's insistence, and she had a visit from some former employees of Andy. After they departed we loaded our stuff into two cars and headed for the port to catch our ferry.

The trip to Hong Kong was uneventful, when we arrived we changed our yuan for Hong Kong dollars and were whisked away, in separate cabs to accomodate all our luggage, to our new home for the next week, the Park Lane Hotel. It's in a nice neighborhood filled with tons of exclusive boutiques, many of which are in the middle of huge sales with massive discounts.

Having settled in, Laura and I ventured out into the city in search of dinner. Unfortunately, the place in the guide book we wanted to try was totally packed so we kept wandering until we made it to a grocery store to get something for dinner and some snacks for later. We ended up with pizza, chips and bananas for dinner, nothing authentic but we were tired and just wanted to eat, get cleaned up and go to bed.

The view from our window.

Sleep is good, we need more of it...

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  1. I agree 'sleep is good'.
    I am eagerly waiting to see what adventures you will have in Hong Kong!
    Your were treated like royalty by Nancy, David, Jeffrey and family...What a great begining to your trip!