Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're in Zhuhai!

Hello everyone from Nancy's office in her lovely home in Zhuhai!

Laura and I had a great time traveling in "gangster class" on the ferry from Hong Kong international airport. We had the whole level to ourselves and were served a ham and egg triple decker sandwich on what Laura reported as very spongy bread. They also gave us a little fruit platter consisting of melon, tomato and a weird white kiwi like fruit that was rather bland and slightly dry, ahh, the adventure begins!

Anywho, Nancy picked us up at the ferry terminal. It took all of two minutes to get through customs, they looked at us, took a photo and waved us on our way. In the automated feedback system I gave her a happy face even though she wasn't a happy type person.

After we got our luggage loaded Nancy took us on a driving tour of Zhuhai. She showed us the statute of the girl with the pearl and told us that the artist used a photo of her face for the statue! She must be Zhuhai's favorite daughter! It's amazing how peaceful the city is,
I wouldn't have expected it to be so quiet even if the people are somewhat wacky drivers! Yikes!

After our tour we went to lunch at a hotel restuarant and while the food was good it certainly wasn't very Chinese. I guess we will have to wait a little longer to see what culinary delights Zhuhai has to offer.

When we had eaten our fill we were spirited to Nancy's house in a gated neighborhood. There seems to be lots of security even though the houses to either side are unoccupied and in varying states of disrepair or reconstruction (hard to tell which). We showered and although Nancy said we could rest a little and she would wake us later I don't think either Laura or I returned to consciousness until late in the day so we both just went back to bed.

This morning we were fed jook, some sort of sweet bread that was purple (Laura says it's taro), and some seaweed-wrapped bread that was, to put it nicely, a unique experience.

Apparently we're off to the hot springs today as Nancy says it will be a lot less busy before the holidays start.

We will report more later as we have the opportunity but apparently we're going to be gone all day.

Looking down on the terminal at SFO waiting for our flight to Hong Kong.

The terminal at Hong Kong International Airport.

A ship crossing toward mainland China from Hong Kong.

I don't know what the structure is, it looks like some kind of observatory. Sorry about the poor quality, it was very foggy.

Again, I am not sure what the structure is but it's perched on a little island in the sea.

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  1. I want to see a picture of the "pearl statue" that Nancy was the model for.

    I hope you and Laura are having fun & that her 'tummy troubles' are not interfering with sightseeing.

    Any more dining delicacies?

    It sure is quiet here in Davis! The weather is heading back a more normal January ...no more 70 degree, sunny days.

    Love you guys!