Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day Five in Hong Kong - Musicians

Today we took it easy as we were up late last night so we explored more of the shopping that Hong Kong Island has to offer. We must have timed our visit exceptionally well as today is the last day of many of the sales so we were trying to squeeze in our last-minute purchases.

Not terribly exciting to blog about but in one of the shopping centers there was a group of musicians playing traditional Chinese music.

There was also some sort of event that no one we asked knew the purpose of in the park across the street. It was largely uninteresting but there was a group that did bad covers of popular American music.

Nancy returned to Hong Kong this afternoon and told us to meet her in the lobby of our hotel at 6pm and we would go out for dinner. Jeffrey arrived about half an hour before Nancy, she had to go pay their phone bill as Jeffrey had wracked up almost $1,000 USD in charges and their phone service had been suspended. He laughed about it somewhat sheepishly and, when asked, said his mom didn't seem that upset about it.

When Nancy arrived we heard about the phone bill again but she laughed so I guess she really wasn't upset. The options laid out, we decided to have Japanese for dinner. Fortunately, still being weary, the restaurant was only a few blocks from the hotel and after eating we came back to the hotel to plan the day tomorrow as Nancy and Jeffrey (and maybe David) will be joining us on our last day of adventuring around Hong Kong.

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