Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Seven in Hong Kong - The Departure for Bali

Today was a travel day. We awoke early this morning to double check and finalize all of our packing before checking out and hopping on the shuttle to the airport. The driver was very impressive as he deftly maneuvered through traffic in a full sized bus.

When we arrived at the airport we groggily made our way to the ticket counter, through security and to our gate. I left Laura with our carry-on luggage to use the restroom and purchase a beverage and after finishing the prior task I observed Laura in conversation with a woman I obviously didn't know but thought, "That's nice, Laura made a new friend in Hong Kong."

As I went to rejoin Laura and her newfound buddy I realized she was wearing a uniform and then thought that she must be in trouble because you know what Laura is like, trouble is her middle name. It turns out that the woman was taking a survey on our experience in Hong Kong to which Laura gave a glowing review!

Then it was boarding and fly fly fly all the way to Bali with a connection in Singapore. After moving through the slow "visa on arrival" line we were met by Ari, our driver and the guy responsible for making sure we don't kill ourselves. He seems like a very nice guy and was very patient in answering all of our many questions.

Ari took us to our hotel for the next day really (well, two nights but seeing as we didn't get to the hotel until 8pm there wasn't much day left). The grounds and the art that is scattered throughout is really beautiful and the room isn't anything exciting but it's comfortable and air-conditioned.

The view of our room-complex across the pool.

After Ari showed us down to the beach (literally across the street from the west end of the hotel) we had dinner at the hotel restaurant before retiring to our room for the evening.

Laura in focus feeling the heat and humidity.

Laura out of focus to show the decor.

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