Monday, October 7, 2013

2013, Day 279 - Beak

Canon is such an odd company sometimes.  I know the EOS-M hasn't been very successful in the US but I think they were silly not to release the 11-22/f4-5.6 IS lens here.  The biggest problem with their mirrorless offering is a lack of suitable lenses.  Yes, they have a great EF adapter and a ton of other lenses in EF mount but they made the EOS-M almost too small for any of them to be well matched.  I bought the 11-22 from a dealer in Hong Kong and it is a really impressive little piece of glass.  The IS works well and it is sharp even wide open and the price is really very good.  Below is a picture of my pup Frankie taken at 11mm to show the distortion caused by such a wide angle.  Maybe I'll share a photo at 22mm some time, this little gem can focus really close!

Canon EOS-M, Canon 11-22/f4-5.6 IS STM
11mm, f4, 1/40 sec @ 100 ISO

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