Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010, Day 194 - Fallen star

Another candle went out this evening we my friend Rachel had to let her precious girl Cheyenne go to the Rainbow Bridge. The last couple months have been quite difficult for Cheyenne and a dislocated hip was the last of a long list of ailments. I was honored to be with Rachel and Cheyenne all evening and to be present when she left us.

I met Rachel is law school and we were the people who brought our dogs to class most often. Back then I had my boy Falcon and he loved Cheyenne. Rachel and I would sit in the back of class and our dogs would lay down side-by-side throughout the lecture. It's kind of sweet to think that they're together again and I am sure Boo is there as well making sure that no one forgets him.

iPhone 3GS
8mm, f2.8, 1/120 sec @ 80 ISO

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 35/f1.4L
35mm, f1.4, 1/200 sec @ 1600 ISO


  1. Rachel, my heart is going out to you. I have been thinking of you constantly and lit a candle last night for Nany. She is beautiful and she will be there waiting for you when it's your time to meet her. You were lucky to have known each other.


  2. Of only a few things I am certain- one is that it was not I who recued my four legged child, but he who rescued me. I am sorry for your loss, but happy that you have experienced a most unique and true form of love- one that transcends our species. Xoxo

    Becky Carter

  3. I'll always remember our walks on the bayou when they were all young and wild. Chey of course was always so much more refined and composed than my two wild ones were. I always hoped that they'd try to model her grace, but no cigar :) I feel so lucky to have known her and will always think of us in New Orleans. You were lucky to have had her as your soul mate for so long, and she knew she was lucky to have you too...yours is a bond that transcends all, forever.

    Karen, Autumn, Blue, Maxine, (and all the kitties too)

  4. Rachel,
    So sorry for your loss! My heart goes out to you during this tough time!!

    Your friend,

  5. Oh, Rachel... my heart goes out to you. I know that you are hurting right now and am so sorry. Chey was so lucky to have such an awesome Mum.

  6. Sigh. I'm sorry. It is in some ways harder to lose an animal than a person, I think. People have a certain agency that animals don't have in the same degree--they are dependent upon us. And yet in other ways they are even stronger than we, their people, are. They love unconditionally and do not wallow in self pity. We are blessed to know them and share their short lives with them. They connect us to nature, and something else beyond.

    Be well and know you are not alone.

    Kim U.

  7. It was such an honor to know her. I know how much you loved her, Rach. She was so lucky to have you.