Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011, Day 303 - Twilight portrait

Every few weeks from friends and I make a meal at one of the local homeless shelters.  The one we volunteer at requires all residents to be sober and they get job training and employment assistance.  On an average night there are about eighty men (it is an all-male shelter) and tonight was our night to cook. Not only do we make the meal but we plan it as well and with fall here it was homemade split-pea soup with ham, grilled cheese sandwiches, apples and homemade cookies.  I am a fiend on the griddle :)

Afterwards I went down to the waterfront.  I've been meaning to go back for weeks because the spiders have made their webs right along the lights that are under the guardrail.  It attracts all kinds of insects so these guys eat exceptionally well.  And with Halloween being tomorrow I thought they would make ideal subjects!

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 100/f2.8L IS
100mm, f8, 1/40 sec @ 640 ISO

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