Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014, Day 243 - Feathered

It seems like summer is quickly coming to a close.  The weather is still sunny and warm but the days are much shorter.  When I walked my dogs this evening I had to take a headlamp and I could smell woodsmoke in the air despite temperatures in the seventies.  It is like a preview of winter with all the leaves still on the trees.  Although it is relatively cold and wet I love the winter because when I walk my pups I have most of the neighborhood to myself.  People usually stay in or go out only long enough to walk to their cars so it is always clean and empty so I can walk in near solitude and I always enjoy that feeling.

Fuji X-T1, Fujinon 60/f2.4R
60mm, f4, 1/125 sec @ 400 ISO

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