Monday, December 27, 2010

2010, Day 359 - Koh Lanta, Day One

Today was primarily a travel day as we left Phuket for Koh Lanta. They are on opposite sides of the Malacca Strait and it is a drive of almost one hundred and fifty miles down winding roads and requires crossing on two ferries to the journey takes about four and a half hours. Because our transportation didn't pick us up until almost eleven o'clock we didn't arrive until mid-afternoon.

With the day more or less gone we decided it would be best just to relax at our new hotel. It is a modern complex of buildings made primarily of concrete with a view of the ocean. There is no immediate beach access which makes it quieter than most places but access is only a ten minute walk away. So we relaxed near the cliffside where we could watch the sun set behind the clouds.

Our hotel, the Houben. There seems to be a Belgian theme so I wonder if that is indicative of the ownership.

The sun creeping slowly towards the horizon.

The final burst of color before night falls.

True to our word we opted to eat at the hotel's restaurant. The food wasn't bad, just rather basic and a bit pland but compared to the places in Phuket it was an absolute bargain!

There is a pond that surrounds the reception area and in it there are guppies.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of leisurely exploration and quality reading time.

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