Monday, December 27, 2010

2010, Day 360 - Koh Lanta, Day Two

As I had intended today was not especially eventful but quite relaxing. After breakfast I went off on my own down to one of the beaches as I had noticed that at either end there were lots of rocks and I hoped for some tide pools.

On my way I passed through one of the small villages on the island that was composed of a few restaurants, a couple of travel/tour outfits, a dive shop, a tailor, and a convenience store. Beyond those businesses there were a number or hotels and a couple resorts but nothing terribly exciting.

As in China business owners often keep songbirds near the front of their shops so they can enjoy their songs and to bring them a little extra luck.

I was able to access the beach via an alley between a restaurant and a hotel. Unlike the beaches in Phuket this because was soft white sand whereas in Phuket they were primarily smoothed bits of shell. Here the water is clear and blue because of the sand while the water surrounding Phuket is silty and muddy given it a distinctly green cast.

As I wandered along the beach I made friends with a number of crustaceans. I was rather like the Pied Pipers and one then five then a dozen then hundred of little crabs fell into line behind me. So I marched, as if to war, with my army of soldiers in heavy body armor up and down the beach recruiting more to my cause. It is true that my army had no specific goal but if the past two decades have taught us nothing else it's that you raise an army first and then you find and enemy.

An abandoned boat on the beach. I think my minions will be able to make use of this in the future...

Shell-encrusted rocks that form the tidepools.

The first of my soldiers, wearing his camoflague.

The lieutenant showing off his skills at blending in.

The commander of the heavy armor brigade.

We can still see you, must do better!

The fish were reluctant to join our cause but eventually the crabs won them over. This is the commander of my first naval brigade.

And his second in command.

We marched from on end of the beach to the other, our numbers growing into the thousands. By the time we reached the southern end the command structure was complete so when I decided to leave the beach I installed the smallest angriest crab and the leader and I instructed him to overwhelm any annoying American tourists and carry them off to sea so as to improve our reputation internationally. I call this army the First Zoidberg Batalion!

Warmongering is hungry work so I walked back to the village through the hilly route in the heat. By the time I returned to town by liter and a half bottle of water was almost empty so I picked up another and found a place to dine.

The restuarant I ate at was called the Drunken Sailors and they were under feline control. The furry overlords watched their human slaves from thrones and crow's nests. In order to show them that I understood their natures I had a tuna sandwich and slowly bought their loyalty. Unfortunately I could not make a complete batalion from the cats so instead I decided for form a special ops group because I figure with their hunting skills they would make great progress easing the way for the First Zoidberg Batalion.

The cats are only feigning disinterest, they didn't want it to be too obvious that they are joining my quest to dominate southern Thailand.

Feeling as though the day couldn't possibly go any better I returned to my hotel and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing. There comes a point where doing more would only be counter productive so I stopped there and leisure became the word of the day.

Tomorrow we leave Koh Lanta and return to Bangkok for one free day and then our return to the United States. Good thing I was productive today as the end is in sight!

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  1. Beautiful pictures from today. Maybe you should have spent more time here exploring. :o)))