Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010, Day 361 - Back to Bangkok, Day One

Another day of travel, this time from Koh Lanta back to Bangkok just briefly before leaving to return home for New Years. We were once again picked up at our hotel by a man in a van. These men, it must be noted, are completely insane. The speed limit is whatever their vehicles are capable of with their foot pressed all the way to the floor, they make a third lane on top of the center divide and they brake only when absolutely necessary. With that kind of man at the wheel we made what we were told is a two and a half to three hour trip in two hours flat and that is stopping five times to pick up additional people.

The driver was so fast that we couldn't even check our bags when we got to the airport. Having only had breakfast and not expecting to arrive in Bangkok until six o'clock or later we decided to take our bags and locate food. Unfortunately the only food available at Krabi International Airport is made by Thai Airways in their kitchen used to prepare meals for their flights. Oh well, I guess we're eating airplane food...

The industrial grade scaffolding used at the airport for washing windows.

When we arrived in Bangkok we gathered our bags and headed to the train station at the lowest level of the airport. It was, after all, rush hour so we decided to get as far from the airport as possible. We weren't the only people with this thought and the train was completely packed, there was literally no place to move and the only way to get past was to crowd surf.

Finally we reached the stop on the line closest to our hotel and after two cabbies declined to take us we found one that would. The reason for not wanting a fare you ask? Bangkok traffic which was pretty much a parking lot. Almost an hour later (we could have walked fast and would have if we weren't burdened with luggage) we arrive at our hotel. After getting settled we went out in search of food and found the place recommended by the woman at reception.

The restaurant where we ate dinner.

Yes, my army continues to grow, this is my scout who is keeping me safe.

Somebody's dinner.

Ohh, I want THAT one!

You could even have mantis shrimp. My only regret is that I couldn't save them, they would make great snipers in my army.

It was a nice traditional Thai dinner and, completely stuffed, we walked back to our hotel. I stayed up long enough to take a couple pictures of the city from the rooftop pool and then showered and went to bed. Tomorrow we're being picked up by our guide early in the morning and will have one last day of adventuring before we leave.

Bangkok at night.

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