Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, Day 2 - Schooled

This photo features my sweet boy Frankie, the white dog with the blue eye on the left.  When I say that he's my dog it's true but my friend Karen, who he lives with, just doesn't know it yet.  Actually, Frankie's brother Sand should be coming to live with me soon, but that's another story.

Yesterday I went out to Paul and Karen's house to get molested by their dogs and to help the practice some of the pups on the lure to see if they will run.  I was hoping Frankie wouldn't because then he could come straight home with me and Sand, but run he did although not especially well.  After they had their practice we let four of the dogs just play and in this photo Frankie is being chased by Apache in the foreground and Hillevi in the background.  You wouldn't know it by looking at him but Apache is almost ten years old and Hillevi is six years old but poor Frankie is just ten months old and his more seasoned buddies decided he has to be the rabbit so they could chase him.

The truth is that Frankie likes being chased and he has a great time but even though he is much younger his legs are still something of a liability when he is running flat out.  Karen did notice that whenever the action died down he came running to me; I've liked him ever since he was a puppy and I won't rest until the little monster is on my sofa.  What a great way to start the new year!

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 70-200/f2.8L IS Mark II
200mm, f4, 1/2000 sec @ 320 ISO

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