Friday, January 6, 2012

2012, Day 6 - Chiaroscuro

Last night I had the ever dubious pleasure of retrieving Brian Matiash from the train station.  I lie, I don't mind running people to and from the airport or train station, they're both relatively close and I am staunchly opposed to the idea taking a cab in a city where there are so few that they cost a fortune.  If you want to repay me you can always buy me a meal, I'm a cheap date.

Anyway, while the train was inevitably late I took some pictures around the train station.  This is the first that I took and I like it because it is gritty and industrial and you can see a little light from the lamp post above bleeding over the edge so there is some definition to the night sky.  There is something about iron and rivits that puts me in mind of the glory days of US heavy industry when we built everything out of steel and the thicker the steel the better because that meant it would last forever.  I guess it is something that brings about nostalgia for a past I know only through my study of history.

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 16-35/f2.8L Mark II
20mm, f2.8, 1/40 sec @ 640 ISO

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