Friday, March 9, 2012

2012, Day 69 - Beast

I can't remember the last time I had such a lovely day.  This morning I awoke sandwiched between sleeping dogs in my comfortably cool bed.  It isn't often that I am allowed to wake up without the prompting of one of the dogs so already the day was off to a good start.  We took a nice walk in the brisk morning air with the sun rising over the rooftops.  Then I was free to work for a few hours before a friend called to invite me out to lunch.

As I was headed home from lunch I was invited to join another friend for a walk in the park before the rain returns tomorrow.  So I went home to feed the dogs and take a thirty minute nap before walking the dogs again and taking the new pup to the park.  I met with my friend Christine and her dog and we took a leisurely stroll through the tall trees along the dappled sunlight hitting the trail.

When we returned to our cars who should call but Brian Matiash.  We had been trying to meet up this week for a little photo adventure and after a few false starts tonight was the night.  So back home I went to get the dogs out again before picking up Brian and having a dinner of succulent hot wings and a massive pile of tater-tots.  The we went to North Portland's massive industrial neighborhood.

I had only a vague idea where I wanted to go and after taking a couple side roads we found the eastern foot of the Fremont Bridge.  As we approached I was completely awestruck.  I have driven across this bridge countless times but I never appreciated how truly massive it is until tonight.  In the photo below you can see the ghostly silhouette of Mr. Matiash under this monolith of infrastructure.  Even at the time it seemed odd to be able to walk so freely to the base of the bridge but we took advantage of our freedom and were well rewarded.

Our photographic appetites sated we headed home with quick stop for some tasty gelato at Staccato Gelato.  Rarely are days so fun and productive as today has been.  Hopefully next time I have one of those days where nothing goes right I will look back into my blog and see this image to remind me that for as often as things go wrong the also go better than you might have hoped.

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 17-40/f4L
24mm, f5.6, 25 sec @ 200 ISO

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