Monday, October 15, 2012

2012, Day 289 - Nuclear moon

It is really hard to resist sharing pictures from last week's trip to Satsop.  I have visions of it when I sleep, the place was amazing and overwhelming.  This is another shot of the interior of the completed cooling tower.  Thanks to the distortion of the lens you can see the walkway straight ahead and part of the wall behind the camera.  While the effect is odd I like that you can see the entire opening of the tower and the high fog hovering at the top.  The water dripping down the inside of the walls and the texture of the concrete is just remarkable.  When it was quite you could hear the echos of people breathing, coughing, mumbling to themselves, their footsteps, and the sharp clicks of camera mirrors flipping up and down throughout.  It was like being inside a giant living clock.

Canon 1D X, Canon 16-35/f2.8L Mark II
16mm, f11, merged layers of 1/50, 1/13 and 1/6 sec @ 200 ISO

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