Friday, April 5, 2013

2013, Day 94 - Crossing

On our way to Koh Dach we passed many crafts on the Mekong River but this was probably the most modern.  Many people take the ferry across the river on a daily basis and it is probably safe but I am rather leery of ferries in southeast Asia.  They have a reputation for being overloaded and under-serviced which by itself isn't terrifying but they have a pretty bad track record for random submersion issues.  Basically, they sink.  When I was in Bali their ferry service wasn't running because the ferry has recently sunk and then there was a collision in Thailand.  I am not going to tempt fate so no ferries for me...

Canon 1D X, Canon 70-200/f2.8L IS Mark II
200mm, f4, 1/250 sec @ 100 ISO

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