Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013, Day 306 - Tequila!

Today was a long but rather uneventful day as it was a travel day.  We awoke slightly discombobulated thanks to daylight savings time and packed up most of our stuff.  Once we got a good start on that we went out for breakfast.  Upon our return our cab driver from yesterday, Augustine, was waiting for us, albeit almost an hour early.  Good thing we did most of our packing before we left.

So we gathered the remainder of our belongings and set out on the road to Guadalajara.  Although it is supposed to take just four and a half hours with road delays and a very brief detour to Tequila to visit the town square and stop by the Jose Cuervo compound it took us more than seven hours.  Guadalajara is a big city and he had to ask another cab driver for help finding our hotel.  Fortunately that driver offered to show the way so all Augustine had to do was follow.

Our hotel in Guadalajara is about four blocks from the cathedral and was initially an old mansion that has been added on to a number of times.  It is a very impressive building but the rooms are a little cell-like as the only window to the exterior is in the bathroom and is very small.  Once we dropped off our stuff we headed out to find dinner.  The woman at reception told us there is a good place a couple blocks away towards the cathedral so we started walking.  It was immediately apparent which establishment she was referring to as there was one with a line out the door at five o’clock in the afternoon, La Chata.  Famous for their fried chicken I shared some quesadillas with Francene and ordered the enchiladas.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach; I am mostly over my digestive distress but there are still some lingering symptoms.

After we ate we walked down to the cathedral and in the square were skeletons decorated for Dia de los Muertos and tons of people.  Inside the gazebo in the middle was a band setting up to play; it seems that the celebrations are over yet in Guadalajara!

My stomach started to feel a little iffy with food in it so I asked for the key to return to the hotel and we all ended up heading back.  Although we didn’t do a lot today I think we’re all pretty tired from the trip and tomorrow we have another four hour trip before we get to resume our adventures.  I can’t wait!

Sadly it was another day of almost no pictures so I decided to process this one of a fisherman in La Libertad.  We were walking down the pier and he was working with his buddies, all of an age.  When I gestured to him with my camera and for his permission he smiled and I caught it!

Canon 1D X, Canon 100/f2.8L IS
100mm, f4, 1/160 sec @ 100 ISO

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