Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014, Day 180 - Nuzzle

After bathing elephants throw dirt on their backs or wallow in mud to protect their skin from the sun.  This was taken a few years ago when I was in northern Thailand.  At the time the head of the sanctuary was called to India to help the authorities cope with an angry herd of elephants.  One had been struck by a train and the rest of the herd stayed in the area attacking the train every time it passed through.  Makes sense if you're upset but they wanted to encourage the herd to move one without further injury to people or animals.  This situation illustrated the emotional range that elephants possess; not old do they feel sorrow but they can seek retribution and it is well reasoned even if it is imperfect.

Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 24-70/f2.8L
55mm, f5.6, 1/400 sec @ 400 ISO

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