Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012, Day 235 - Like butter

It was a rough day today as I played the part of a nervous parent.  Yesterday I called the vet to see when I could get Frankie scheduled to join his eunuch brothers and they said "How about tomorrow?"  I agreed and as soon as I hung up the phone I started to worry.

Frankie is my baby but he is no more special than the other dogs so why was I anxious?  Maybe because all of my other dogs were neutered before I got them so I know they had been under anesthesia before and came out okay whereas this would be Frankie's first time going under the knife.  Possibly because the little monkey is a grazer at home and keeps himself, completely by choice, on the thin side and anesthesia is often harder on skinny dogs and he's extra skinny.

Whatever the reason I took my boy to the clinic this morning and dropped him off.  My vet is great, I trust all of the people in the clinic completely, and I told them I was nervous before I left so I got calls with updates.  At 10 o'clock they called to tell me he was coming out from under anesthesia and that he would be ready to come home at about noon.  I arrived a few minutes early, not wanting to wait a minute longer than necessary.  They sent him home with some pain killers and a little drunk.  The whole way home he stood in the back with his head draped over the back seat nodding off constantly.  By the time we got home he was exhausted but I made him take a short walk where he answered the call of nature, took a few more steps and wanted to lay down.

I figured he had been through enough so I took him inside, made him a snack and let him rest.  By this evening he was almost completely back to normal and ravenously are his dinner.  At least we're done with the vet for a while (fingers crossed).

Canon 1D X, Canon 70-200/f2.8L IS Mark II
155mm, f4, 1/800 sec @ 400 ISO

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